Our Team

Anat Florentin

Principal Investigator

I am a scientist, and also a mother, daughter, wife and sister. A science geek, nature lover, and music fan (Funk and Tropicalia). I sleep when I’m tired, dance when I’m happy, and I read-read-read to become a better person.

"I am fascinated by life as it appears on the molecular level. Doing Life-Science research with great colleagues is a dream-come-true!"

Michal Shahar

Lab manager

"The lab is the place where I feel independent, and also part of a family, with whom I share what I love."

Florentin Lab Team Member

Raneen Abu Gharbie

MSc student

"I love science because it brings joy to my heart and awareness to my mind. I joined the lab to share my love for science with other scientists."

Amanda Tissawak

MSc student

"For me being a scientist means to develop a talent, and then use it to help other people."

Aseel Ghanaiem

MSc student

Alia Qasem

Undergrad student

Ghaidaa Faraj

Undergrad student

"I love science because it gives me the answers to all of my questions, and reveals huge worlds inside small creatures."

Israa Zagel

Undergrad student

"I joined the lab because of my passion for science and molecular biology research, especially microbiology and Parasitology."

Yumna Abu Ghanem

Undergrad student
Maybe you don’t feel that you fit it. Maybe, in class, you don’t see many people that look like you, and nobody in your family has ever gone to college. And maybe you are not sure you are good enough. That’s okay.
Ask yourself the following:

Are you curious about the world? Do you think science is cool? Are you interested in global health? Are you committed to your success? Are you ready to struggle? Are you a fair team player?

If the answer to all of these questions is YES, contact us!